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Five Years After BP Oil Spill: Is Poison Being used to clean up Oil?

Staff, April 20, 2015

Note: Please Visit The ALERT Project and Submit a Public Comment to the EPA in Support of Dispersant Restrictions Today!

Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls Upon the World Bank to Adopt the Four Point Proposal to end Racial Discrimination at the World Bank

Beatrice Edwards, April 20, 2015

On March 20, 2015, the Reverend Jesse Jackson addressed an open letter to the African and Caribbean Members of the World Bank’s Board of Governors requesting that they address the longstanding issue of racial discrimination at the institution.

Confidential Whistleblower Tips to the Government? Think Again…

Staff, April 17, 2015

“Got a hot tip about federal waste, fraud or corruption? You should think twice about using the government’s own online systems for collecting such complaints.

"Many of them promise confidentiality but for years have sent sensitive data…across the Internet in a way that could be intercepted by hackers or snoops. Or, perhaps worse still, by the agencies named in the complaints.”

Whistleblower News: The Fight Against Whistleblower Retaliation

Staff, April 13, 2015

“High-profile whistleblowers have joined forces for the first time in demanding that the United Nations change a global system they say deters its thousands of staffers from exposing crime, corruption and other wrongdoing.”

Whistleblower News: What We've Been Working on

Staff, April 10, 2015

GAP and other watchdog groups areramping up the pressure on President Obama to fire the Commerce Department’s Inspector General Todd Zinser—amid allegations that the watchdog has retaliated against whistleblowers attempting to expose wrongdoing at this agency.”

UN Whistleblowers and GAP Send Open Letter to UN Secretary-General on Whistleblower Retaliation Throughout UN System

Staff, April 09, 2015

Yesterday, nine whistleblowers from the United Nations Secretariat, Peacekeeping Operations, Funds, Programs and Specialized Agencies, together with the Government Accountability Project, sent an open letter to the Secretary-General, setting out the facts about retaliation against whistleblowers throughout the UN system.

Whistleblower Updates

Staff, April 08, 2015

GAP client Bill Binney, “a former U.S. National Security Agency employee turned whistleblower, is on a mission to expose the agency’s domestic spying programs and violations of constitutional rights.”

Reporter Dena Takruri: A lot of people are fearful that down the line we could become 1984; we could become the ultimate surveillance state. To what extent are we already that in the United States?

Updates on Kiriakou and the Freedom of Speech

Staff, April 06, 2015

“Whistleblower John Kiriakou, a former CIA veteran recently released from federal prison for disclosing the agency’s torture program, says the federal government recommended he not work for a Washington think tank on account of his goal of prison reform.”

Friday News Round up

Staff, April 03, 2015

“In what is being called a landmark ruling for whistleblowers, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Wednesday that one of the nation’s largest government contractors used confidentiality agreements that had the potential to intimidate and “muzzle” workers from reporting allegations of fraud.”

Climate Science & Policy Watch: Continuing the Rick Piltz Legacy

By Louis Clark and Michael Termini , April 02, 2015

We miss our dear friend, heroic client and wise colleague Rick Piltz. He was a rational voice who would routinely distill and translate scientific complexities into understandable language without doing harm to their meaning.