Ag Gag: Safeguarding Industry Secrets by Punishing the Messenger

Consumers are asking questions about the food they eat: where it comes from and how it was processed. Yet when it comes to the treatment of animals, Big Ag has been notoriously secretive. Over the last decade, the use of undercover video as a means to show wrongdoing on factory farms and in meat processing has brought to light some disturbing truths. Whistleblower exposés have revealed neglect, inhumane practices and gross abuses. In response, consumers have expressed their disapproval. But instead of adopting more humane practices, animal agriculture is lobbying to enact state laws that criminalize the recording of cruelty to animals.

Essentially, Ag Gag makes it a crime to report a crime. Concerned advocates are speaking out against these offensive laws on behalf of truth-tellers and whistleblowers.

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