Government Accountability Announces Recipients of the Jane E. Rosen Fund to Support Women Fighting for Scientific Integrity

Last year, Government Accountability Project launched the Jane E. Rosen Fund, which was established to continue Dr. Rosen’s pursuit of justice and truth after her passing in October of 2019. The fund is named after Dr. Rosen, a Ph.D. research scientist who refused to give in after her groundbreaking scientific discoveries were stolen from her. Even after the research laboratory she headed was closed down when she refused to suppress her findings as to the photocarcinogenicity of one of her clients’ top-selling drugs, Dr. Rosen did not relent.

“Calmly, persistently, and without fanfare, Jane defended scientific integrity,” said Government Accountability Project Legal Director Tom Devine, who first encountered Dr. Rosen when he sat on the Congressionally chartered Ryan Commission on Scientific Integrity in 1994. “It’s inspiring when someone quietly radiates dedication to the truth of the scientific method – and without fanaticism or vitriol, relentlessly challenges turning science into an infomercial.”

To sustain Dr. Rosen’s legacy and to extend the reach of her persevering efforts, the Jane E. Rosen Fund aims to support, honor, and protect women in science and medicine who, despite the risk of retaliation, bravely speak out about wrongdoing in defense of the public’s health and its right to know.

The first recipient of the fund is our whistleblower client Dawn Wooten. Ms. Wooten was dismissed from her job as a nurse after she blew the whistle on wrongdoing at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Georgia where she worked. In a complaint filed on her behalf by Government Accountability Project to the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General, Ms. Wooten alleged that multiple women held at the facility were subjected to hysterectomies and other medical procedures without their full knowledge and consent. Support from the Jane E. Rosen Fund will assist Government Accountability Project in not only defending Ms. Wooten against attacks, but will also make it possible to mount an outreach campaign to encourage and support additional whistleblowers to come forward and advocate for appropriate legislation in Congress.

“Jane Rosen was a steadfast, dedicated and effective advocate for scientific integrity, and it is an extraordinary honor to remain associated with her,” said our Executive Director Louis Clark. “Despite the retaliation she experienced for refusing to conceal research findings, she chose to pave the way for other whistleblowers by testifying and lobbying Congress for improved federal whistleblower protection laws.”

Additional gifts from the Jane E. Rosen Fund will be used to support a federal scientist who has been fighting efforts by the Trump administration to undermine the National Climate Assessment, when her case soon goes public.

For over 40 years, Government Accountability Project has been committed to protecting whistleblowers. By donating to our mission, you will support brave women who, like Jane E. Rosen and Dawn Wooten, stood up for what was right in the scientific and medical community. Donate today!