Government Accountability Project Congratulates Department of Defense Whistleblower on Victory

Government Accountability Project congratulates Jacqueline Garrick, founder of Whistleblowers of America (WoA), on her recent victory at the MSPB following a years-long battle after blowing the whistle on attempted contracting fraud and tragic mission breakdowns at the Department of Defense’s Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO).

In a May 11, 2020 decision, Administrative Judge Andrew M. Dunnaville held that according to a stipulation, Garrick was subjected to “retaliation and hostile work environment,” and that based on a preponderance of evidence, she was entitled to retirement benefits that had been denied to her for over five years. Unfortunately, it is too often the case that government truth-tellers  do not enjoy this victorious result and instead suffer through the exhausting if not debilitating process of blowing the whistle. It takes true strength of character and determination to undergo the rigors of this process.

According to a report from DoD’s own Office of Inspector General (OIG) in 2019, there is a culture of whistleblower retaliation among DoD officials, and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the lack of whistleblower support from the DoD OIG was a contributing factor. According to the GAO, DoD fails to investigate the majority of whistleblower complaints. WoA and Government Accountability Project have worked to change that culture through judicial proceedings, Congressional oversight, and by turning the media spotlight on corruption and injustice.

Our organization’s mission is to hold government agencies accountable when they commit abuses of power that betray the public trust through secrecy enforced by repression. Ms. Garrick’s victory is not just for herself, but for the rule of law.

Louis Clark, CEO & ED of Government Accountability Project