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Press groups file amici curiae brief in ‘Mann v. Steyn’ defamation lawsuit

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and 26 other organizations filed an amici curiae brief on August 11 with the DC Court of Appeals in Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the National Review (sometimes popularly referred to as ‘Mann v. Steyn’). Prof. Mann is scheduled to file an [...]

Pushing EPA to regulate aviation greenhouse gas emissions

Photo: International Civil Aviation Organization On August 5, two environmental groups sent notice of intent to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for failure to comply with a court order that would lead toward regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. aviation. EPA has long delayed taking any steps to apply its Endangerment Finding [...]

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What to do about the “Social Cost of Carbon” metric? — Part 2

The models used to calculate a Social Cost of Carbon for use in estimating the benefits of reducing carbon emissions fall far short of including a wide range of expected damages from global climate disruption. Using an SCC metric, or any cost-benefit approach, in making project-by-project decisions on U.S. government permits creates a bias in [...]

What to do about the “Social Cost of Carbon” metric? — Part 1

Is the Social Cost of Carbon (SCC) metric a good tool for use in making government decisions related to climate change and fossil fuel development? The EPA uses it in economically justifying its rules on reducing carbon emissions from vehicles and power plants. A federal judge recently rejected a proposed coal mine expansion in Colorado [...]

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