Administration Delays Publication of Climate Science Special Report

Damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas, Aug. 28, 2017. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. 1st Class Malcolm McClendon Report identifies rising risks posed by hurricanes as planet warms By Nicky Sundt CSPW Senior Fellow The Climate Change Special Report, arguably the most important report produced by the interagency U.S. Global [...]

EPA Administrator Misleadingly Criticized Draft Climate Science Special Report; EPA then Cleared Report for Final Release

Scott Pruitt, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Source: EPA By Nicky Sundt CSPW Senior Fellow “Frankly this report ought to be subjected to peer-reviewed, objective-reviewed methodology and evaluation,” said Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, when asked about the leaked draft of a Federal Climate Science Special Report (CSSR). [...]

ExxonMobil and Climate Change: A Story of Denial, Delay, and Delusion, Told in Forms 10-K — Part Three (E): 2013

By Anne Polansky Source: Covering the year 2013, this is our latest installment in a timeline series addressing how the Exxon Mobil Corporation has characterized risks to its business operations associated with climate change (in its annual 10-K reports to shareholders), in light of what corporate leadership knew, or reasonably could have [...]

Federal Climate Science Special Report Leaked: Clearance Process Raises Concerns Over Upcoming Climate Assessment Report

Troubled and opaque Administration review process is a harbinger of problems for the Fourth National Climate Assessment By Nicky Sundt CSPW Senior Fellow A final draft of a key federal report on the science behind climate change has been leaked to the New York Times and made public. The “Climate Science Special Report” (CSSR), produced [...]

Red-Team v. Blue-Team: A Black and White Attack on Climate Science and Scientists

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry By Anne Polansky and Nicky Sundt Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and others are calling for a red-team/blue-team (RT/BT) exercise to resolve differences of opinion regarding the science of global climate change. The approach is meant to resolve conflict through a [...]

Syria, Nicaragua, and now the United States of America:  Official Members of the Climate Change Ostrich Club

“Hello Mr. President, I hope you will take action on climate change,” CSPW founder and George W. Bush White House climate change whistleblower Rick Piltz said politely but firmly to President Bush in the White House Rose Garden on a sunny morning in June 2001. The President was just about to make a much-anticipated statement [...]

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Catastrophe: After 7 Years, We’re Still Stuck with Toxic Corexit

Source: Greenpeace By Louis Clark On the anniversary of this horrific event, we are reminded of the tragic loss of life and health, devastation to marine life and the coastline ecosystems, and distress to local economies and livelihoods. But we are also reminded that we are no more prepared to handle devastating oil [...]

ExxonMobil and Climate Change: A Story of Denial, Delay, and Delusion, Told in Forms 10-K (2009-2016) – Part Three (D): 2012

Severe drought affects a stock pond just south of Dallas. Source: This sixth installment of our series covers events occurring throughout 2012 that point to disparities between what was known and knowable by leadership at the Exxon Mobil Corporation, and what the oil giant was communicating to its shareholders regarding the risks to [...]

Retiring EPA Career Veteran Michael Cox Pens Letter to Scott Pruitt: “We Are Insulted”

Michael Cox. SOURCE: A 2015 speaker bio  A 27-year veteran of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) retiring from his position as Climate Change Advisor for EPA’s Region 10 office in Seattle, Washington took EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and President Donald Trump to task in a March 31 departure letter (also copied [...]

ExxonMobil and Climate Change: A Story of Denial, Delay, and Delusion, Told in Forms 10-K (2009-2016) – Part Three (C): 2011

Maura Healey & Eric Schneiderman SOURCE: This is the fifth installment of our series analyzing how Exxon Mobil Corporation has communicated to its shareholders the risks associated with climate change over the last two and a half decades, using the company’s annual 10-K reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The [...]