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As the Trump Administration Tries to Tamp Down Climate Change, We are Rising Up to Meet the Challenge

By Anne Polansky and Michael Termini More than one full year into a Donald Trump presidency, we are taking stock of the new political landscape, already marked by turmoil and volatility. Never before in modern US history have we seen such instability and unreliability in basic governance at the federal level. Here in the nation’s [...]

GAP’s CSPW Launches White Paper Identifying History of Climate Science Suppression Under George W. Bush Administration, Outlining a ‘Cautionary Tale’ of How It Could Be Repeated

Of significant concern to GAP and frighteningly reminiscent of the George W. Bush Administration, the Trump Administration is staffed by high-level personnel with oil industry connections and climate change denialist views mirroring those of the new President. In response, as just announced in The Washington Post, today GAP officially launched our latest White Paper, entitled: Promoting [...]

In Memory of Rick Piltz, Founder of GAP’s Climate Science & Policy Watch

Two years ago today, GAP’s Climate Science Watch founder and Bush Administration whistleblower, Rick Piltz, passed away. Rick lived a fascinating life of social change activism and truth-telling, and devoted much of his time during his final days to ensuring his friends and followers could carry on his mission of challenging both those who deny [...]

A Cautionary Tale: CSPW’s Investigation into NCA’s Past Suppression to Prevent Future Political Interference

Source: Wikimedia Commons By Jonah Hahn During the eight years of President Bush’s presidency, disputing, delaying, or diminishing the National Climate Assessment’s findings occurred as part of a larger struggle against accepting emerging consensus about anthropogenic climate change. President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore released the National Climate Assessment, the first [...]

ExxonMobil and Climate Change: A Story of Denial, Delay, and Delusion, Told in Forms 10-K (2001-2008)

Disparaging legitimate scientific data and conclusions regarding global climate change and the role of fossil fuel combustion by dubbing it “junk science” has been a favorite tactic employed by the oil industry. This cartoon, penned in 2005, aptly captures the dynamic at play throughout President George W. Bush’s first term in office. [Image source: [...]

Hell and High Water: the Perils of Climate Denial Politics — South Carolina as a Case Example

South Carolina was the hardest hit of all the Atlantic coastal states affected by the massive storm system that was exacerbated by Hurricane Joaquin. Massive flooding took the lives of 19 South Carolinians and 6 others, demolished homes and buildings, turned roads into rivers, left over 30,000 without power, felled trees, and inflicted at least [...]

CSPW’s New Climate Action Plan Oversight Series: Continuing Rick Piltz’s Work on the CAP

By Rebeka Ryvola When President Obama announced the Climate Action Plan (CAP) in June of 2013, it was a landmark moment. The first-of-its-kind plan aims at achieving comprehensive action on climate change by way of a three-fold goal: cutting domestic carbon pollution, adapting the US to irreversible climate change impacts, and leading the international community [...]

Dr. David Goodrich’s Tribute to Rick Piltz: A Reflection of the Current Crisis in California

During his career in climate, Dr. David Goodrich was Director of both the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) Office in Washington and the Global Climate Observing System Secretariat in Geneva. He retired in February 2011 as Director of NOAA’s Climate Observation Division. Three months later he rode his bicycle from Cape Henlopen, Delaware to [...]

Baked Alaska, Anyone? The Race to Save (or Cook) the Planet

Dr. John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, addresses attendees at the GLACIER conference in Anchorage, AK on 8/31/15. Climate Science & Policy Watch has all eyes on Alaska this week, as President Obama becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the region. As a rare treat, he will [...]

Remembering Rick Piltz

We provide here a listing of notable blog posts, articles and other statements about Rick Piltz published since 18 October 2014. We will update this list regularly, so check back.  Material is listed in reverse chronological order.  If you wish to alert us to something not on our list, please submit a link to the [...]

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