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Press Release: Top Advocacy Organizations Partner to Represent Whistleblowers and Protect the Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 13, 2020   Top Advocacy Organizations Partner to Represent Whistleblowers and Protect the Election Democracy Protection Initiative helps whistleblowers disclose the truth to protect the election WASHINGTON – Today, Government Accountability Project is joined by American Constitution Society, American Oversight, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Georgetown Law’s Institute for [...]

The Washington Post: The forgotten time Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought against forced sterilization

The forgotten time Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought against forced sterilization This article features our client Dawn Wooten and was originally published here. My mind immediately went to Ruth Bader Ginsburg as I read the breaking news alert. It was not that Justice Ginsburg had died. This news occurred four days earlier, on Monday, after a [...]

Can combatting corruption be the rallying cry of the 116th Congress?

Tess Saperstein, January 09, 2019 On January 4, Democrats kicked off their House majority by introducing the first piece of legislation of the 116th Congress: “To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants, and for other purposes,” colloquially known as [...]

NPR: Whistleblowers Warn Of Harmful Conditions For Children In Migrant Detention Centers

Listen to the story here MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: We're going to go back now to one of the most contentious issues facing this administration - the large numbers of would-be migrant families remaining in detention centers. While the Trump administration says it has abandoned its policy of separating migrant parents and children at the border, thousands [...]

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Government Executive: ’60 Minutes’ Scoop on Child Separations at Border Relied on Homeland Security Whistleblowers

Read the original article here. The Sunday night television story was hard-hitting enough to draw a rebuttal from President Trump on Monday. After CBS News' “60 Minutes” broadcast interviews with Homeland Security Department specialists criticizing the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” border enforcement policy that has separated arriving children from their parents and finding that the practice dated back further [...]

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Government Executive: Grassley Wins Declassification of CIA Documents on Monitoring Whistleblowers

Read the original article here.  After a four-and-a-half year wait, one of the Senate’s key whistleblower advocates succeeded in arranging the declassification of documents he says show that the CIA inappropriately monitored congressional staff correspondence with whistleblowers. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Thursday released a pair of “congressional notifications” from 2014 just delivered to him by [...]

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McCarthyism on Steroids: Monitoring Americans

This post originally appeared in a Daily Kos column. The Washington Post, to its credit, has a new blockbuster article, "Monitoring America," that is part of its larger "Top Secret America" series. In frightening detail, it dissects the vast domestic localized intelligence apparatus being used to collect, store and analyze information about Americans, most of whom have [...]

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Goodbye Accountability: No Criminal Charges Over Destruction of CIA Torture Videotapes

This post originally appeared in a Daily Kos column. In August 2009, the Justice Department announced that it would not prosecute CIA employees who had acted in good faith. Now, slamming the door on accountability once again, CIA officials get a pass -- this time for destroying dozens of videotapes depicting the waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah [...]

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Collateral Murder–The Sequel (and Gang Assault of the Whistleblower)

Yesterday's Washington Post had a chilling story that rivals the "Collateral Murder" video put out by Wikileaks: Members of U.S. Platoon in Afghanistan Accused of Killing Civilians for Sport. It's arguably worse than Collateral Murder because rather than "rogue" troops getting caught up in a homicidal frenzy, here the unprovoked, savage attacks were totally premeditated and repeated. The [...]

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Washington Post Editorial Questions Torture Suit Against Rumsfeld

The Washington Post has an editorial today, U.S. citizens who say they were tortured get their day in court, questioning a federal District Court decision, which allowed a torture lawsuit to proceed against high level U.S. officials, including former Secretary of Defense Donald "I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to four hours?" Rumsfeld. While the Washington [...]

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