Climate Science & Policy Watch

Promoting Scientific Integrity in the use of climate science in government

At Climate Science & Policy Watch, we hold government accountable for using climate research with integrity and formulating science-based public policy responses commensurate with the threat.

Our organization understands whistleblowers because we were founded by a whistleblower. In 2005, federal whistleblower Rick Piltz started Climate Science Watch, a watchdog operation of Government Accountability Project. Since then, we’ve transitioned into CSPW, which added a focus on public policy issues surrounding global climate change. Continue reading about our history >

Because Truth Deserves A Champion

Your financial support of the Government Accountability Project strengthens the nation’s leading advocacy and defense organization for whistleblowers. You are helping individuals who have made a choice to expose wrongdoing at tremendous personal cost. It’s a fight for the rule of law, often against some of the most powerful entities in the world.