Latest Past Events

Do No Structural Harm? A Discussion of Dissent in International and Non-Governmental Organizations

Join Government Accountability Project as we host a discussion of Carvalho International Research Fellow Anna Levy’s research on the internal responses to dissent and whistleblowing inside large international humanitarian and development organizations. Levy took on this research to document how sounding the alarm on structural harm—whether in the form of asking hard questions or exposing [...]

Compliance Week Europe 2021: Blowing the whistle – What a whistleblower, attorney, and SEC regional director have to say

Compliance Week Europe 2021 is an opportunity for compliance professionals to join together to share best practices, learn from experts, and discuss the most cutting-edge issues of compliance. Our Senior Counsel and Director of Education Dana Gold will share whistleblower expertise on the panel "Blowing the whistle – What a whistleblower, attorney, and SEC regional [...]

Panel: Legislative Priorities from Whistleblower Advocates

Join Andrew Lautz, Irvin McCullough, Jacqueline Garrick Siri Nelson, Tom Devine, Melissa Wasser, and Stephen Kohn for the panel “Legislative Priorities from Whistleblower Advocates” as part of the National Whistleblower Day event series. Changes to scheduling may occur before the actual time of the event. Stay up-to-date by viewing the full National Whistleblower Day schedule [...]