On February 13, Earthbeat (WPFW-FM in Washington, DC) interviewed CSW Director Rick Piltz and others on issues of climate science censorship and the reactivation of long-overdue Congressional oversight. 

In the first third of this one-hour program (click here to download the entire program) host Daphne Wysham spoke with Tom Knutson, a research meterologist at NOAA’s Climate Dynamics and Prediction Group in Princeton, New Jersey, about his experience with NOAA’s politically restrictive media policy for scientific communication. Michael Halpern of the Union of Concerned Scientists discussed a recent survey of government scientists in which the Union and the Government Accountability Project found widespread experience of political interference with federal climate scientists.

In the second third of the program, CSW Director Rick Piltz discussed the importance of the National Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and the Bush Administration’s treatment of it. Tom Devine of the Government Accountability Project then spoke about the crucial whistleblower protection legislation that has begun to move through Congress.

The final third of the program was an interview with Heather Zichal, legislative aide for environmental issues for Senator John Kerry.