Welcome to the redesigned CSW website.  We hope you like the look and feel of the new design and find it useful and easy to navigate.  Posts and links from the site since its start in 2005 have been moved to the new site, so whatever value it has for reference and documentation has been preserved.  We are also beginning to invite reader comments, a change from our old site.  We invite and welcome reader comments on new posts, starting with September 27. We hope this will develop into a significant and useful new component of the site.

In this context, there are just a few ground rules, in keeping with the role we see the site as playing. The CSW site is not intended as an arena for detailed technical discussion of scientific issues; rather, our focus is on the science-society interface and on what happens with climate research in the arenas of politics and policymaking. We believe policymakers and others who are not climate science experts should pay close attention to those who are considered the most credible experts by the science community – their research, assessments, and other communications. For purposes of policy discussion and public debate, we think in terms of the mainstream scientific perspective found in reports of the National Academy of Sciences, the IPCC, and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Those who are familiar with this site know our views on what we have termed the global warming denial machine. Comments will be moderated by CSW for appropriateness and relevance, including being on-topic, before they go live. We hope this will encourage and support productive and interesting discussion.

We very much appreciate your interest and your being here among our thousands of visitors, from around the U.S. and around the world.