Note: this video, featuring our client Dr. Josiah ‘Jody’ Rich and Government Accountability Project, can be found here.

COVID-19 Crisis in ICE Detention Centers

‘We’re like rats trapped in a cage. If one of us gets sick, we’re all going to get sick.’ — These migrant detainees are sharing what it’s like inside an ICE detention center in the middle of a global pandemic. In partnership with Emerson Collective.

In US news and current events today, tens of thousands of people are locked up in ICE detention facilities across the country — in conditions ideal for a massive, and deadly, outbreak of the coronavirus. In Mid-March, public health experts warned that Immigration and Customs Enforcement needed to take aggressive steps to thwart a disastrous outbreak of COVID-19 in its facilities. But months later… many say it has become clear that ICE did not heed those warnings.Now, infections are rising at an alarming rate.