Justin Trudeau should show he has nothing to hide and fix the whistleblower law

This article excerpt features Government Accountability Project, and was originally published here.

It’s the first time the Liberal government has shown any willingness to address the law, which was ranked — in a tie with Norway and Lebanon — as the weakest whistle-blowing regime in the world, by the Government Accountability Project and the International Bar Association. Canada sits just behind Bangladesh, Rwanda, and Pakistan which all have stronger rules.

Experts describe Canada’s law as a “Trojan horse,” a “tissue-paper shield,” and a “complete and utter farce.” Former government whistleblower Joanna Gualtieri has said the law is “very, very clever” in that it traps public servants into a regime without offering them any protection, while giving the “illusion to the public that the (government is) actually doing something on the whistleblower front.”