WFXG Fox 54: Fort Gordon Families Reveal Housing Problems Are Getting Worse

This article features whistleblower client claims and was originally published here.

FORT GORDON, Ga. (WFXG) – Fort Gordon military families are in Washington, D.C. for an oversight session with U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff and top army officials to see what progress has been made to improve privatized housing conditions on-base.

Last year, Ossoff led an 8-month bipartisan investigation into Balfour Beatty, after complaints from people living there. Since findings were released, limited progress has been made to address housing issues. Although the army says it’s taking the investigation seriously, Ossoff says Balfour Beatty has not.

Last week, he oversaw home-by-home inspections of privatized housing units on Ft. Gordon.

Many witnesses shared their experiences at Tuesday’s session.

One mom says her children became sick not long after Balfour Beatty maintenance taped over black mold. “Inspectors spent approximately 8 hours thoroughly inspecting and used equipment designed to detect mold,” she says. “He concluded, we should get out of the house as soon as possible.”

Another witness testified about feces falling from their ceiling, claiming the company knew about a sewage backup, but didn’t tell them. “It was feces, there was poop in the water. Then, the sewage started backing up into the bathtubs. It was filled with sewage bugs, it was a nightmare.”

Representatives from the army also testified about what they’re doing to improve housing conditions. However, Balfour Beatty didn’t show up.

Although the company has made improvements, Ossoff says, it’s refusal to show up, undermines his confidence in transparency moving forward. “The army and the private operator of this housing: Balfour Beatty have a moral obligation to get this right, to do right by the young service members, their spouses and their kids on post at Ft. Gordon,” Ossoff says. “I’m gonna remain focused on this as long as it takes to get improvements.”

These inspections are expected to take several weeks.