Senior International Fellow

Dr. Alexis Bushnell is a Senior International Fellow at the Government Accountability Project.  She has a PhD in International Human Rights Law and an LL.M. in U.N. Peace Support Operations and Humanitarian Law. Her research is socio-legal, focused on intersections of whistleblowing, refugee law, human rights law and humanitarian law, including issues of refugee camps, detention and humanitarian governance.

Alexis has worked in the area of business and human rights and the law of armed conflict. Her research has focused on the private security industry, and she has worked with the United Nations in Somalia regarding private security contractors and international law, including legal drafting for transitional governments.

Alexis was the Research Fellow on a UK Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) funded project at Queens University Belfast regarding the cost of whistleblowing and post-disclosure survival of whistleblowers. She has lectured at the Irish Centre for Human Rights on human rights and law, including states of emergency and security, international civil and political rights, and is a consultant and lecturer for Open Society Foundations, including courses on freedom of information, whistleblowing and constitutional law, and national security and whistleblowing. She also teaches international students in the area of whistleblowing and the European Court of Human Rights, in addition to the conflict in Northern Ireland regarding Legacy cases and access to historical state information regarding the Conflict.

Dr. Alexis Bushnell

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+353 91 87 738 8002 (Ireland)