The ALEC Welcoming Committee coalition is mounting a week of protest events in connection with the American Legislative Exchange Council conference in Salt Lake City July 23-28.  ALEC, a Koch-funded ‘free market’ policy organization made up of state legislators and corporate members, has been identified as the creator of a raft of model right-wing bills, on many policy fronts, that have been passed by the hundreds in state legislatures around the country.  Many states have adopted ALEC’s resolution in opposition to regulation of greenhouse gases, aimed at blocking action on climate change, as part of a broad onslaught against environmental protection policy and for deregulation of corporate power.  Some have adopted ALEC-initiated measures designed to pave the way for global warming denialist ‘science’ instruction in the schools.

CSW focuses more on national-level developments in Washington, DC, than on the states, but this would be a good week to be in Salt Lake City.  Check it out if you’re in Utah.

From the ALEC Welcoming Committee website:

ALEC Welcoming Committee Call to Action

Why You Should Resist ALEC

This happening was called to our attention recently by Peaceful Uprising, “a nonprofit collective committed to action to combat the climate crisis and build a just, healthy world.”  We first became aware of Peaceful Uprising in connection with their close, supportive relationship with environmental hero Tim DeChristopher, who is currently serving a two-year term in federal prison for a very creative nonviolent direct action to stop an illegal and environmentally destructive oil lease auction in Utah.

We understand that PeaceUp specifically will be hosting a kick-off ‘poverty dinner’ on Monday the 23rd and will be spearheading activities on Thursday the 26th – the year anniversary of Tim DeChristopher’s sentencing. (For more on this, see the PeaceUp website and our earlier post:  Environmental hero Tim DeChristopher sentenced to 2 years in prison for creative nonviolent disruption of oil lease auction; Justice Department once again on the wrong side of justice.

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