June 24, 2020 

House Judiciary Witness’ Counsel from DOJ Politicization Hearing Available for Interview 

Following Hearing, Government Accountability Project Counsel  

David Seide Is Available for Comment 

WASHINGTON – Following his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Government Accountability Project client and Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney John W. Elias’s counsel available for interview. 

Elias was subpoenaed by Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) to provide testimony during the committee’s hearing on politicization within the Department of Justice under the Trump administration and Attorney General William Barr.  

Elias has worked for DOJ for over a decade. During the Trump administration, he has served in the department’s Antitrust Division, which initiated an investigation into a fuel efficiency agreement brokered between auto manufacturers and the state of California. Democratic officials have criticized the inquiry as biased and politically motivated.  

In his testimony before the committee, Elias said, I have undertaken whistleblower activity and am here today because I recognize the imperative for law enforcers to operate evenhandedly and in good faith.” 

Elias’ counselDavid Seide, is available to comment.  

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