March 18, 2020

Government Accountability Project Releases Resource for Federal Workers on Whistleblowing

WASHINGTON – Today, Government Accountability Project is releasing a new guide to help federal workers navigate the complex path of blowing the whistle safely and effectively. “Truth-Telling in Government: A Guide to Whistleblowing for Federal Employees, Contractors, and Grantees highlights the essential role whistleblowers play in promoting accountability through the power of information about serious abuses of public trust. 

Just in the past year alone, government whistleblowers have exposed abuse of migrants in detention centers, risks to food safety from contaminated pork, efforts to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation into a presidential candidate, and problems with the government’s response to the coronavirus. Federal civil servants, contractors, and grantees are in the best position to learn when decisions and actions deviate from the core mission and responsibilities of government, be it through corruption, failing to comply with laws and regulations, wasting taxpayer money, jeopardizing public health and safety, or other abuses of authority. But reporting wrongdoing, despite existing whistleblower protection laws, too often involves professional risk.

Dana Gold, Senior Counsel and Director of Education for Government Accountability Project, stated: 

“Our newest resource seeks to help government workers–across all agencies and issues—who have discovered serious abuses of public trust and need guidance about their rights, risks and options. Whistleblowers provide public service through speech and the power of information, and in these challenging times, we need to support those ethical government employees who choose to speak up, now more than ever.”


Contact: Dana Gold, Senior Counsel and Director of Education
Phone: (202) 457-0034 x160

Government Accountability Project

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