U.S. Army Whistleblower Publishes Book Detailing Years of Anti-Semitic Retaliation

Government Accountability Project Client Releases First Book

WASHINGTON – Government Accountability Project client Dr. David A. Tenenbaum detailed his experience as a whistleblower persecuted for years by anti-Semitic threats in his new memoir “Accused of Treason: The US Army’s Witch Hunt for a Jewish Spy.” Currently a civilian mechanical engineer for the army, where he has been employed since 1984, Tenenbaum first disclosed vulnerabilities with the army’s “death trap” Humvees in 1995. He developed the Light Armor Systems Survivability (LASS) program to better protect those vehicles in the face of IED threats.

Following his disclosure, he was falsely accused of being an Israeli spy and having dual loyalty to the State of Israel, in part because of his Jewish faith. The FBI conducted a full-scale criminal investigation of Tenenbaum and his family, and officials at the TACOM Army base halted all of Dr. Tenenbaum’s research programs, including LASS, a move which likely contributed to the wounding and killing of thousands of U.S. service members in under-armored Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan in the coming years.

The Army avoided any liability for its retaliation against Tenenbaum by falsely asserting the “state secrets” privilege in federal district court.

In 2006, Senator Carl Levin ordered the DOD Inspector General to investigate the Tenenbaum case and the IG confirmed that the Army was guilty of anti-Semitism. Despite that finding and further pressure from Capitol Hill, the Army has steadfastly declined to offer any remedy for the damage to his career and his personal suffering.

In the forthcoming book, Tenenbaum tells his story to the broad American public for the first time.

Tenenbaum’s attorney, John Whitty said,

“Dr. Tenenbaum’s harrowing tale of a corrupt government bureaucracy bent on his destruction reads like fiction. It’s not. Tenenbaum’s courage, and his resolve to contribute to the safety of U.S. soldiers is what makes his memoir remarkable.”

Tenenbaum said,

“I would like people to read this book and become angry that something like this should occur in today’s day and age in the United States.  More importantly they should, hopefully, take away from this book to never give up and don’t let the negative things in life define you in a negative way but those negatives should help us learn and grow in a positive direction.”


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