December 14th, 2020

Voice of America Staff Protest Appointment of New VOA Director

WASHINGTON — Multiple Voice of America (VOA) whistleblowers, who wish to remain anonymous, today sent a letter to the head of the agency that oversees VOA, Michael Pack, protesting the appointment of Robert R. Reilly as the new Director of VOA. The letter from David Seide, Senior Counsel at the Government Accountability Project, requests the immediate recission of the appointment based on Mr. Riley’s troubling history of mismanagement at VOA (he served as Director for less than one year in 2002 before being forced to resign) and his vocal hostility to Muslim and LGBQ communities.

Michael Pack has been at the center of controversy at USAGM; recently a federal judge ruled that he likely interfered in an unconstitutional way in VOA’s journalism, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel separately determined there was a substantial likelihood of wrongdoing as a result of actions taken at Mr. Pack’s direction.

The recent appointment of Robert Reilly to VOA director appears to be yet another interference of Pack’s within the organization. Seide writes in his letter that Reilly’s “controversial personal beliefs, which have been widely published, jeopardize the credibility and reputation of VOA, its journalists, editors and producers. For these reasons…this appointment should be immediately rescinded.”

Such hate speech cannot be tolerated, especially at a media outlet that represents the United States to the world. Government Accountability Project urges that Reilly’s appointment be reconsidered in order to protect the mission of VOA as well as its global reputation.

To read our letter to CEO Pack, click here.

Contact: Andrew Harman, Communications Director
Phone: (202) 926-3304

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