October 27, 2020

Government Accountability Project Denounces Political Appointee’s Attempt to Eliminate Firewall at Voice for America

WASHINGTON— Late Monday night, Michael Pack, the head of the agency which oversees the Voice of America (VOA), announced he was rescinding the recently-enacted regulation further enshrining the Firewall protecting VOA reporters and editors from outside interference from politicians and bureaucrats.   While the action should have no real effect – the Firewall is codified in laws passed by Congress over the decades – Pack’s latest attack is but another example of his continuing efforts to diminish VOA and its sibling agencies.  This attempt, like the others, is illegal and unconstitutional.

Government Accountability Project is representing multiple whistleblowers who have bravely stepped forward to officially report Mr. Pack’s violations of law, gross mismanagement and abuses of authority, among other matters.

David Z. Seide, Senior Counsel at Government Accountability Project stated:

“The VOA Firewall is far more than one regulation. It is based and fortified by law Congress has enacted over the decades — on a bipartisan basis. It stands strong notwithstanding Mr. Pack’s illegal, late-night sneak attack.”


Contact: Andrew Harman, Government Accountability Project Communications Director
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