May 1, 2024 

Whistleblowers Disclose Misconduct by Acting CBP Chief Medical Officer 

WASHINGTON – Government Accountability Project today submitted a protected whistleblower disclosure to Congress, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Office of Special Counsel on behalf of multiple employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The whistleblowers disclosed that CBP’s Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alexander Eastman has repeatedly violated agency policy prohibiting the consumption of alcohol while carrying a CBP-issued firearm.   

The disclosure to Congress, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Office of Special Counsel follows previous whistleblower reports in November 2023 and February 2024 alleging mismanagement and oversight failures related to CBP’s medical services and describing a hostile work environment that has affected the agency’s medical mission. Whistleblowers are concerned that DHS’s failure to discipline Dr. Eastman for his blatant policy violations evidences disparate treatment compared to rank-and-file CBP employees. 

The whistleblowers report that Dr. Eastman regularly carries a visible pistol issued by CBP and has consumed liquor in front of CBP employees while carrying the firearm on multiple occasions, a violation of the CBP Use of Force Handbook. They state this misconduct has been reported to the CBP Office of Professional Responsibility, but Dr. Eastman has faced no apparent accountability and was recently issued an automatic rifle by the agency. The Government Accountability Project has also filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records related to Dr. Eastman’s misconduct and the agency’s response. 

Government Accountability Project Immigration Counsel, Andrea Meza, said: 

“These whistleblowers show great courage in reporting a senior official’s apparent impunity for actions that would threaten the career of other CBP employees, especially as some who have spoken out suffer ongoing retaliation. Their disclosures reveal DHS’s willingness to put employees and multi-billion-dollar medical mission at risk. We urge Congress and DHS to hold Dr. Eastman to the same standards as any other CBP employee.” 

Government Accountability Project calls on Congress and DHS to promptly investigate Dr. Eastman’s alleged violations of the CBP Use of Force Handbook and the lack of disciplinary action taken in response to previous whistleblower disclosures regarding his conduct and serious mismanagement of CBP’s medical services. 

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