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Sen. Rand Paul Attempts to Out Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower

Government Accountability Project Cautions Chilling Effect on Whistleblowers 

WASHINGTON ‒ Today, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) offered the name of a person who he alleges to be the Ukraine whistleblower on the Senate floor and at a press conference. 

Government Accountability Project National Security Analyst Irvin McCullough condemned the chilling effect of Paul’s decision to discuss the potential identity of the whistleblower,”

“Shockingly, Sen. Paul seemingly decided to publicly out an alleged whistleblower in reaction to the Honorable Chief Justice Robert’s refusal to allow the Senator to ask a question presumably intended to intimidate the Ukraine whistleblower. The most likely reason anyone would want to name a protected, anonymous, confidential national security whistleblower is retaliation ‒ for reporting the truth, for flagging fragrant abuses, for trusting policymakers to follow the law. This act contributes to a chilling effect that freezes whistleblowers from reporting wrongdoing to watchdogs, especially when Trump’s own Acting Director of National Intelligence and Intelligence Community Inspector General already affirmed the Ukraine whistleblower’s protected status. Chief Justice Roberts must have recognized this reality when he refused to read Sen. Paul’s question. Senators have a sacred duty to protect those who act as their eyes and ears inside the federal government. Sen. Paul blatantly breached this duty. Federal employees, potential whistleblowers, are watching. It’s hard to imagine any truth-teller could ever feel comfortable approaching an elected leader with evidence of wrongdoing after they treat a whistleblower in such a way, lest they turn their back on these whistleblowers—and the truth—for partisan gain.”

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