(Washington, DC) – For her efforts in the “unmasking of the global surveillance state,” Government Accountability Project (GAP) National Security & Human Rights Director Jesselyn Radack has been named one of the world’s preeminent thought leaders in Foreign Policy magazine’s annual list of the Top 100 Global Thinkers. This list places Radack among 100 of the most significant visionaries and leaders in politics, business, technology, and the arts in 2013.

Structured by category, the FP list puts Radack in “The Surveillance State and its Discontents” where she is among the 10 leading voices on the issue today. Also included: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, journalist Glenn Greenwald, documentarian Laura Poitras, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, and Senator Ron Wyden (D-Or).

“Jesselyn has worked tirelessly to help provide transparency to an issue clouded by secret courts and secret rulings that we now know affect hundreds of millions of people around the world,” stated GAP Executive Director Beatrice Edwards. “Being named a Leading Global Thinker reminds us of the tremendous significance of this work.”

This is the fifth time FP’s editors have compiled their list of the Top 100 Leading Global Thinkers. The FP Global Thinkers issue is seen by 600,000 newsletter subscribers, as well as online by 3.5 million subscribers to a website that enjoys 200 million annual pageviews.

GAP champions government and corporate accountability and transparency by defending whistleblowers and advancing occupational free speech. Since its founding in 1977, GAP has helped in the effective exercise of conscience of over 5,000 whistleblowers.

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