March 3, 2023 

Government Accountability Project Responds to Questionable Congressional Whistleblower Ethics in Joint Press Conference 

Washington, DC On Thursday, March 2, 2023,  shockingnewreports were released about three FBI whistleblowers and the complications of their cases. Today, Government Accountability Project joined Common Defense and Congressional Integrity Project in responding to this news during a virtual press conference hosted by Congressional Integrity Project.  

In early February, three whistleblowers from the FBI came forward with claims of a “deep state conspiracy” among Democrats and their accomplices in the intelligence community. The witnesses appeared in front of the Weaponization of Government panel to reveal covert attacks on the former president and broad, anti-conservative discrimination. 

During the virtual press conference, Government Accountability Project’s Senior Counsel and Director of the Democracy Protection Initiative, Dana Gold, spoke to highlight the truth behind whistleblowing and what happens when influential actors abuse their authority for political gain.  

Gold stated,  

“The committee launched this hearing based on disclosures that may not meet the standard for what constitutes protected whistleblowing. It’s a disservice to all legitimate whistleblowers who have come before and may come in the future. Being paid to blow the whistle is not something that is recognized in federal law, let alone when payment comes from those with clear political motives. It’s a new low to weaponize this invaluable source of truth, and we are deeply concerned that what we’re seeing is the deliberate undermining of truth and democracy by those who have been clear about a partisan agenda.” 

Government Accountability Project is committed to ensuring our elected officials remember that whistleblowing laws are clear, and when they are abused, everyone loses. We encourage all those in Congress and on the Weaponization of Government select subcommittee to take their responsibility for oversight and accountability seriously, to follow the law, and to pass stronger legal protections for the whistleblowers they clearly acknowledge represent vehicles for accountability through the power of information. 

Watch the full press conference here.

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