August 6, 2020

Make It Safe Coalition Commends New Legislation to Protect All Congressional Whistleblowers
Government Accountability Project Joins Coalition in Supporting the Congressional Whistleblower Protection Act

WASHINGTON — This morning, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced the Congressional Whistleblower Protection Act to strengthen federal workers’ right to communicate with Congress without fear of retaliation. The legislation enhances and provides an enforcement mechanism to the century-old Lloyd-La Follette Act (5 U.S.C. 7211), ensuring whistleblowers’ right to make disclosures of wrongdoing to Congress cannot be infringed. The bill provides both administrative remedies and a private right of action to federal workers, including employees and contractors inside the military and Intelligence Community, who make whistleblowing disclosures to Congress.

Government Accountability Project and The Make it Safe Coalition (MISC) strongly support this legislation. Whistleblowers have long provided necessary oversight and accountability in our government. Unfortunately, executive branch leaders from President Roosevelt to President Trump have violated their workforce’s free speech rights, restricting Congress’ oversight capabilities. Recent attacks against internal executive branch accountability mechanisms amplify the need to enforce federal whistleblowers’ right to communicate with Congress. This bill will enforce  necessary whistleblower protections and ensure that these truth-tellers continue to make a difference.

Government Accountability Project Deputy Director of Legislation Irvin McCullough said,

“Whistleblowers are vital witnesses and sources that can corroborate or refute allegations of wrongdoing. They are the lifeblood of congressional investigations. As a result, executive branch workers should enjoy an open channel to their overseers. Sen. Feinstein’s bill reaffirms a century’s old right and enforces employees’ anti-retaliation protections through a private right of action available to whistleblowers across the federal government, including inside the Intelligence Community. This incredibly important initiative couldn’t come at a more necessary time.”

Among the organizations in support of the bill are Government Accountability Project, Liberty Coalition, National Security Counselors, National Whistleblower Center, Project on Government Oversight, Public Citizen, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Taxpayers Protection Alliance, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Whistleblowers of America. 


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