January 6, 2022

On Anniversary of January 6 Attack, Government Accountability Project Calls on Whistleblowers to Come Forward

WASHINGTON – One year after the nation witnessed a violent attack on not only the U.S. Capitol building, but on democracy itself, Government Accountability Project calls on additional whistleblowers to come forward.

The January 6 insurrection was based on the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. This “Big Lie” has led to 33 laws passed with restrictive voting rights in 19 states and threats to election workers performing their civic duties. Last year’s assault was sadly not the capstone of attempts to erode democracy; it is ongoing. This is why we need more information about the lead up to January 6 and continued efforts to justify the Big Lie: truth is essential to enforce accountability, to prevent future attacks, and to protect our elections.

Shortly before the House of Representative’s Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack held its first formal meeting in July 2021, members of our team wrote an op-ed helping potential witnesses understand their whistleblower rights. We also continue to educate whistleblowers more broadly on how they can speak up to safeguard the foundations of government through our Democracy Protection Initiative, as well as Bearing Witness, which provides leaders in the faith community, who have been outspoken about the need to protect our elections, with resources to support potential whistleblowers.

Government Accountability Project’s Executive Director and CEO Louis Clark commented:

For years our leaders have exhorted Americans to say something if they see public safety threats. With both national security and our democracy on the line, it is now critical and patriotic for government employees and other witnesses to crimes associated with the January 6 insurrection to step forward and say what they observed. They should be able to do so with full legal protections and with assurances that their courage will make a positive difference.

Government Accountability Project’s Senior Counsel and Democracy Protection Initiative Director Dana Gold commented:

“Officer Dunn, one of the brave police members who was attacked during the violent insurrection in his effort to protect the Capitol, testified at the first hearing held by the January 6 Committee, ‘Telling the truth shouldn’t be hard. […] Why is telling the truth hard? I guess in America it is.’ But it is whistleblowers and witnesses like Officer Dunn who are essential to exposing the lies that led to an attack on our democracy. They are heroes, and we stand ready to support them.”

As lawmakers and government agencies continue their investigations, we encourage employees of conscience that witnessed wrongdoing in the lead up and aftermath of January 6 to come forward. While our democracy is fragile, it can be strengthened by the brave efforts of individuals who speak up in its defense.

If you have witnessed wrongdoing related to the January 6 attack, learn how to request assistance from Government Accountability Project here.


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