Government Accountability Project: “The President is putting lives in danger with this reckless and violent rhetoric.” 

Whistleblower Advocates Criticize Trump’s Violent Rhetoric Before UN Staff 

WASHINGTON – On the same day the Acting Director of National Intelligence gave testimony to Congress regarding his questionable handling of an Intelligence Community whistleblower’s disclosures on a credible and urgent national security threat, President Trump made disturbing remarks to a crowd of employees from the United States Mission to the United Nations. As reported by The New York Times, the President noted a whistleblower was “close to a spy” and that “‘in the old days,’ spies were dealt with differently,” among other threatening and chilling remarks. 

Government Accountability Project Executive Director and CEO Louis Clark, stated the following: 

“The comments by the President are beyond disturbing and shameful, they are dangerous. The President is putting lives in danger with this reckless and violent rhetoric. As we have seen not only this week, but throughout the history of this nation, whistleblowers are vital to protecting democracy, the rule of law, and our Constitution. Whistleblowers should be celebrated and protected, not targeted.”

Government Accountability Project urges everyone who cares about our Constitution and the rule of law to contact their representatives to let them know that the American people stand with the brave whistleblowers who are the true guardians of our democracy. It is not acceptable for our leaders to bully, threaten, or endanger those who have vital information the public needs and has a right to know. 

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