Working with Whistleblowers: A Guide for Public Interest Organizations


Government Accountability Project leads and participates in coalitions by sharing our unique expertise about whistleblowing. We organize to address issues that are central to our whistleblowers’ disclosures and support expansion of whistleblower protections more generally.

  • We are founding members of the Make It Safe Coalition, a non-partisan network of members who pursue a wide variety of missions that span across issue areas such as homeland security, scientific freedom, consumer hazards, and corruption in government contracting and procurement. This coalition works together to support and expand protections for those in government who honor their duties to serve and warn the public.
  • We are active participants in a coalition of groups convened by the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy to address threats to scientific integrity. We co-authored Make a Note to the Record: How Federal Scientists Can Protect Science for Public Good and are contributing to a forthcoming publication aimed at Congress on how to protect scientific integrity.
  • We are partners with the March for Science, the global movement that seeks to have science embraced as essential to public life and policy. Government Accountability Project offered Teach-Ins at the 2017 & 2018 March for Science events in Washington, DC about the role of whistleblowers in “Speaking Up for Science.”
  • We actively partner with Open The Government, a non-partisan coalition of groups committed to the idea of an open government being essential to ensuring the integrity and accountability of our governing institutions and supporting democratic principles. Through our partnerships, we offer trainings for public interest organizations on working with whistleblowers and using FOIA as a tool for increasing transparency.