Meat inspectors at hog slaughterhouses are coming forward to expose how a USDA pilot program intended to speed up inspection lines and trim costs is actually putting public health at risk.

This is a must read if you want to learn how to avoid potential food contamination from “cystic kidneys” and “bladder stems” in your meat.

U.S. pork plant program draws criticism, Hormel petition

If the idea of toenails in your morning bacon makes you even slightly squeamish, please be sure to sign the Food Integrity Campaign’s petition telling Hormel, one of the largest pork producers in the United States, to “say no to hair, toenails, and tumors in its pork products and yes to quality meat inspection!” You can sign the petition HERE

Inadequate Inspection of Pork Products 
Food Integrity Campaign

Shouldn’t hard-hitting stories on issues such as food safety, government accountability, and corporate governance be mainstays in the news, instead of occasional sidebars? Ralph Nader lists the top experts who should be included more often in mainstream coverage, including GAPown Tom Devine.

Who gets on mainstream media and who doesn’t?
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