“Got a hot tip about federal waste, fraud or corruption? You should think twice about using the government’s own online systems for collecting such complaints.

“Many of them promise confidentiality but for years have sent sensitive data…across the Internet in a way that could be intercepted by hackers or snoops. Or, perhaps worse still, by the agencies named in the complaints.”

Why confidential tips to the government may not be confidential after all
Washington Post


“Whistleblowers’ allegations that millions of dollars in federal juvenile justice grants went to states that jailed vulnerable youths with adults in violation of federal law will be scrutinized at a congressional hearing Tuesday.”

Senate Judiciary Hearing to Focus on Whistleblower Claims, OJJDP Grants
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange


“After eight tortured years, vindication inches ever closer for Robert MacLean, fired federal air marshal. On Tuesday, an administrative judge ordered the Department of Homeland Security “to show cause why I should not find that (MacLean) has proven his affirmative defense of whistleblowing,” and gave the DHS 14 days to do just that.”

‘100 percent vindication’: Ladera Ranch air marshal fired for whistleblowing wins another ruling
OC Register