A disturbing trend in mainstream U.S. media is how many “star” journalists side with the government in its persecution of whistleblowers – and even disdain fellow reporters who expose secret wrongdoing, an attitude that is destroying what’s left of American democracy.”

Journalists Who Hate Whistleblowers
Consortium News

“One would think that a business that has relied on confidential informants for some of the major investigative stories of this and the previous century would applaud whistleblowers who risk everything on behalf of the people’s right to know what its government is doing in the shadows.

“But looking back at cases over the last five years, we see the unedifying spectacle of some of the nation’s best-known print and broadcast journalists venting their outrage at whistleblowers’ disclosures and expressing their preference for being kept in the dark by the government in the name of national security.”

Counter Punch
Whistleblowers and the Press Heavyweights


While “snitches” isn’t the right word to describe whistleblowers, the crux of this article is strong. Why are whistleblowers consistently marginalized and denounced when they risk everything (careers, family, and even their lives) for the common good?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tony Norman: Bravo for Snitches who Fight the Power