This is a great editorial that digs into the gross double standard of Petraeus’ plea agreement. “The whiff of a double standard is overwhelming. If anything, a leader at Petraeus’ level should be held to a higher standard than lower-level officials or contractors.” – LA Times.

Editorial: A double standard on government secrets for David Petraeus
LA Times


If you can’t trust our system to provide equal protection under the law, and you can’t trust that you have an inherent right to privacy, who and what can you trust?

“The spur for the column was my realisation of the extent and astuteness of Snowden’s choice of what to collect and reveal. His was not some opportunistic smash-and-grab data heist, but a considered, informed selection of cases where he thought that the National Security Agency was violating the US constitution and/or circumventing its laws.”

Don’t trust your phone, don’t trust your laptop – this is the reality that Snowden has shown us
The Guardian


“Modern targeted surveillance is likely to involve actively breaking into an adversary’s computer network and installing malicious software designed to take over that network and “exfiltrate” data—that’s NSA talk for stealing it. To put it more plainly, the easiest way for someone to eavesdrop on your communications isn’t to intercept them in transit anymore; it’s to hack your computer.”

What’s Next in Government Surveillance
The Atlantic