It is being reported by NPR that Carolyn Lerner has been nominated by President Obama to head the Office of Special Counsel, the federal office charged with investigating whistleblower complaints. A nomination for this crucial position has been needed for some time. GAP released the following statement regarding this development:

“With this choice, the White House completes selection of the strongest team of presidential appointees in history to protect whistleblower rights. Every appointee at the Department of Labor Administrative Review Board for corporate employees, Merit Systems Protection Board for government workers, and now the Special Counsel has a life long record of commitment to transparency and expertise in employment law. President Obama is doing his share to fight fraud, waste and abuse.

“The public is about to find out early if new House Republican leadership is serious as well. This week there is a credibility test of new Republican House leaders before they even take office. Those politicians campaigned on a mantra of fighting fraud, waste and abuse. This week we will find out whether they meant it. The test is whether they will try to block House approval of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act after unanimous Senate approval. Republican campaign speeches will be exposed as hot air, if their first act after the election is to abandon the whistleblower who risk their careers to actually live those values in the belly of the bureaucratic beast.”