What happens when an individual blows the whistle on a tax avoidance scheme? The answer will probably make you angry.

Luxleaks and the Whistleblower 
Huffington Post

Mass surveillance is bad enough, but when there is reason to believe it can actually harm the “ability to prevent terrorist attacks,” well that just makes it even worse.

‘When you collect everything, you understand nothing’ – Snowden

The New Republic reports, “A government-run pilot program experimenting with a reduced inspection protocol in Hormel-controlled plants ‘is out of control.’” The problems with this program go well beyond food safety. Please visit the Food Integrity Campaign website and sign the petition asking Hormel’s president to put an end to the high-speed inspection program.

Whistleblower USDA Food Inspectors on Hormel’s Pork Plants: It’s “Just Nuts”
New Republic