“With the uptick in whistleblower prosecutions by the US government,” GAP’s Jesselyn Radack and former NSA senior executive and whistleblower Thomas Drake gave their take on the misuse of the Espionage Act, and the challenges facing journalists and whistleblowers.

Advice for Whistleblowers and Journalists from an NSA Spy and Snowden’s Lawyer
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The duo also shared their thoughts on the convictions of Jeffrey Sterling and Barrett Brown, and the chilling effect these cases have on the free flow of important public information.

Whistleblowers – silenced recaptured.
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Even when whistleblowers win, they often sacrifice a great deal for their fellow citizens and the country they love. Take the case of Robert MacLean, “the married father of three must now wait — maybe more than a year — for an administrative hearing to settle how much back pay he’s owed.”

TSA whistleblower wins case, but braces for long wait for back pay
New York Post