“The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned US senators that the threat from the Islamic State merits a “debate” about limiting commercial encryption – the linchpin of digital security – despite a growing chorus of technical experts who say that undermining encryption would prove an enormous boon for hackers, cybercriminals, foreign spies and terrorists.”

FBI chief wants ‘backdoor access’ to encrypted communications to fight Isis
The Guardian


“Now just as then, the FBI is trying to convince the world that some fantasy version of security is possible—where “good guys” can have a back door or extra key to your home but bad guys could never use it. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of security can tell you that’s just not true.”

EFF Response to FBI Director Comey’s Speech on Encryption


“Strong encryption protects billions of global end users from countless privacy threats ranging from financial fraud to repressive governments stifling speech and democracy. Instead of forcing companies to lower their security standards, policymakers should promote and protect the wide adoption of strong encryption technology.”

In The Debate Over Strong Encryption, Security And Liberty Must Win
Huffington Post