In regard to the TSA, “Screening failures, airport workers on terror watch lists and people flying off to fight for ISIS were all issues discussed at a Senate oversight hearing Tuesday.”

Whistleblowers reveal TSA failures


Interestingly, it seems top officials are increasingly concerned with figuring out who disclosed TSA’s shortcomings, potentially taking away resources from fixing the actual problems…

Homeland Security looks for leaker of report on airport-checkpoint failures
The Washington Post


GAP Client Robert MacLean, who went to great lengths to keep the public safe from terrorist threats, testified about the most effective ways in which the TSA can help keep passengers safe in the air.

According to MacLean, “The Pre-Check has to be improved and expanded, and my four physical security proposals need to be implemented in order for more assets to be reprioritized to effective human intelligence gathering.”

Federal Air Marshal: Deputize Passengers to Deal with Threats in the Air
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