The UN is apparently continuing to make it a priority to sanction the whistleblower who tried to put an end to the reported, ongoing sexual abuse of impoverished children in the Central African Republic, instead of taking measures to ensure that this never happens again.

Let’s be clear, Anders Kompass turned over a report with names and nicknames of abuse victims to French authorities. How else does the UN expect French law enforcement agencies to investigate the crimes? Are they to divine the identities of victims and details of the crimes? Without proper information, how are authorities to hold perpetrators accountable? The UN’s reliance on this tired narrative simply reflects an unpersuasive effort to avoid responsibility for gross mismanagement and neglect.

U.N. Creating Panel to Review Handling of African Children Sex Abuse Inquiry
New York Times


If you want to sidestep the misinformation and straw man arguments being posited by the UN, take a look at this piece by GAP’s Executive Director, Bea Edwards. It debunks the UN’s top myths for their handling of sexual abuse in the CAR.

Top UN Myths About Sex Abuse in the Central African Republic
Huffington Post


If you think the UN couldn’t have handled this any worse, think again. A key UN witness who was set to testify on the event was fired from her position the day before her scheduled testimony.

On CAR Rapes, ICP Asks UN What Ban Did After He Knew, UN Private Email
Inner City Press