GAP client Bill Binney, “a former U.S. National Security Agency employee turned whistleblower, is on a mission to expose the agency’s domestic spying programs and violations of constitutional rights.”

Reporter Dena Takruri: A lot of people are fearful that down the line we could become 1984; we could become the ultimate surveillance state. To what extent are we already that in the United States?

Binney: We’ve passed that a long time ago…

NSA whistleblower: We’ve been lied to
Al Jazeera America


GAP client Aicha Elbasri will receive the Ridenhour Prize for truth telling for her work exposing the “Conspiracy of Silence,” which “exposed the failure of the UN peacekeeping mission to protect millions of civilians under its care, and the mission’s complicity with the Sudanese government in concealing an ongoing war that thrust non-combatants onto the front lines.”

Aicha Elbasri Will Receive The Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling
Nation Institute


“The NSA has the greatest surveillance capabilities that we’ve ever seen in history,” said Snowden. “Now what they’ll argue is that they don’t use this for nefarious purposes against American citizens. In some ways that’s true, but the real problem is they’re using these capabilities to make us vulnerable to them and then saying, ‘Well, I have a gun pointed at your head, I’m not going to pull the trigger. Trust me.’”

Snowden To Oliver: ‘NSA Has The Greatest Surveillance Capabilities We’ve Ever Seen In History’