Education & Partnerships

Through our Education and Partnerships initiative, Government Accountability Project shares our expertise about the essential role whistleblowers play in exposing abuses of public trust. By serving as a resource for and partnering with journalists, public interest organizations, lawyers, academics, and other key stakeholders, we amplify support for whistleblowers and the concerns they raise and ensure they are able to create change.

Since 1977, Government Accountability Project has been on the frontlines, representing over 8,000 whistleblowers while also enacting and defending the laws that protect them. Through Government Accountability Project’s Education and Partnerships initiative, we seek to share this expertise to support whistleblowers across the globe. Our programs build broad public support for the essential role whistleblowers play in protecting the public interest.

Our Education and Partnership initiatives work in tandem. We produce resources about whistleblowing for both employees considering reporting abuses and for key whistleblower allies, such as journalists and public interest advocates, who often work with employees and receive valuable information about misconduct. We also share our expertise on whistleblowing through frequent talks, trainings, and workshops to a wide range of audiences, including students, activists, professional associations, Congressional or agency staff, unions, corporate leadership, and the general public. We work closely with academics on whistleblowing-related research and scholarship. And by building partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including public interest organizations, journalists, lawyers, and academics, we create a network of support that helps eradicate the reasons employees stay silent: fear of reprisal and fear of futility. Our Education and Partnerships efforts ensure that whistleblowers are protected and make a difference, thus increasing the flow of information that is the fuel of accountability.

Speaking & Training

Government Accountability Project experts frequently give talks, serve on panels, and lead trainings about various aspects of whistleblowing for a wide range of audiences, including labor unions, public interest advocates, college students, journalists, lawyers, accountants, compliance officers, corporate management, federal agency and Congressional staff, and international visitors.

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Working with Allies

Government Accountability Project works with key stakeholders on a range of initiatives, including developing collaborative partnerships that expand protections for whistleblowers, augmenting campaigns to ensure whistleblowers’ disclosures make a difference, and engaging in education and research projects that amplify understanding about and support for whistleblowers more broadly.

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