We are the international leader in whistleblower advocacy 

Government Accountability Project is the international leader in whistleblower protection, advancing stronger whistleblower protections both domestically and internationally — from advocacy to litigation, with its roots in nuclear safety. In one of its first major legal campaigns, the organization took on several cases of nuclear power plant workers revealing massive safety violations at multiple plants, marking three of them as beyond repair. 

The Three Mile Island leak and clean-up had the potential to have disastrous consequences if not for our whistleblower client who witnessed wrongdoing and spoke up about it at great personal risk. Our mission is to defend these whistleblowers and help them prevent disasters that would cause irreparable harm to us all. 

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Whistleblowers come from every industry and government sector to hold these organizations accountable to the public and prevent further wrongdoing, exploitation, and abuse. To hear more courageous stories like this one and learn how you can support whistleblowers, get the latest whistleblower news sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our free newsletter