Referral Network & Co-Counsel Partnerships

Government Accountability Project has represented individual whistleblowers in state, federal, and administrative courts since our inception. We have helped  develop and enforce most of the existing federal whistleblower protection laws, thereby giving us unparallelled expertise in the field. As a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting government and corporate accountability, the cases we take on must fit our public interest mission.

Our referral network consists of attorneys whom we confirm have significant expertise in, and commitment to, representing whistleblowers. We do not receive referral fees from attorneys on this list but rather suggest names to those seeking our assistance whose claims may not fit our criteria for representation.

We also frequently engage in co-counsel partnerships with private attorneys and law firms, particularly in complicated and resource-intensive cases where litigation is time consuming and Government Accountability Project can amplify ongoing litigation efforts through its campaign expertise. In this way, we can ensure the whistleblower’s disclosure is leveraged most effectively to promote change.

Pro Bono Attorney Network

This network invites private attorneys and law firms to partner with Government Accountability Project to offer pro bono legal support that furthers our efforts to protect whistleblowers and ensure their disclosures make a difference. This can take several forms.

  • Providing pro bono representation, an in co-counsel relationship with Government Accountability Project, to ensure that all whistleblowers seeking legal representation for unlawful retaliation can receive the support they need, regardless of expense or our own staff capacity.
  • Being part of our creative litigation team: a bank of trusted attorneys with different areas of expertise that can offer strategic advice and possible collaboration on litigation that can address the whistleblower’s disclosure itself. Attorneys with expertise in addressing fraud, securities violations, wage abuse claims, torts, environmental violations, constitutional law, or other creative legal angles can help add to the arsenal of mechanisms used to address the wrongdoing exposed by the whistleblower.
  • Offering research and writing assistance on various projects on an as-needed basis.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Senior Counsel and Director of Education Dana Gold at [email protected].