Project Description

Of Counsel for Trial, Appellate, and International Litigation

After serving a one-year tour of duty in the jungles of Vietnam, Thad attended and graduated from Georgetown University and the Antioch School of Law. From 1978 to 1986 he litigated civil rights and police misconduct cases in rural Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oregon.  He handled his first Government Accountability Project case in 1986 protecting a nuclear power plant whistleblower, and continued representing Government Accountability Project clients In his law firm until joining the organization in 2002 as Litigation Director building programs and supervising attorneys in Seattle and Washington DC.  In 2005, Thad and Government Accountability Project litigator Stephani Ayers founded the firm of TM Guyer and Ayers & Friends, PC., through which they continued to litigate cases for the organization.

Thad has represented Government Accountability Project clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts across the United States and in Europe and Africa. He is the organization’s primary litigator in the tribunals of the United Nations and other international organizations. He is currently based in southeast Asia teaching, consulting and providing support to international whistleblowers, but commutes back to the US to continue a full litigation caseload of Government Accountability Project clients.