Congratulations to Vice-President Gore, director Davis Guggenheim, and Laurie David and the other producers of the film for winning the Academy Award this year for Best Documentary Feature.

Some Climate Science Watch annotation:

The Associated Press reported on June 27, 2006, that all 19 climate scientists who had seen “An Inconvenient Truth,” Vice-President Al Gore’s documentary on global warming, and answered questions from the AP, had concluded that Gore had mostly explained the science correctly.  The most illuminating assessment of Gore’s science education effort that we have seen is in the thoughtful response to the AP questions by Dr. Michael MacCracken of the Climate Institute in Washington, D.C.—which we posted here.

We note that Gore referred to material we made public in June 2005 on Bush Administration efforts to misrepresent the state of knowledge on climate change.  In the book version of An Inconvenient Truth, see the discussion on pages 263-267 and 284-287.  Also see the New York Times, June 8, 2005, front page story, and a number of our earlier entries from June 2005 onward.