October 23, 2023 

Government Accountability Project Files FOIA Extension Against EPA 

This is the second FOIA request filed by Government Accountability Project in relation to the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and burning of toxins. 

 WASHINGTON – On Monday, October 23, 2023, Government Accountability Project and Chicago-based law firm Lovey & Lovey filed a FOIA request extension. This FOIA request to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) focuses solely on the need for expedited processing of information regarding dioxins and other chemicals of concern in East Palestine. Additionally, this new request wants the records of and qualities of the test results, chemicals that were spilled and burned, and any communication surrounding dioxins and acrolein. In the original FOIA request, the EPA estimated the request would not be fulfilled until April 2024. The new FOIA submission does not replace the original FOIA on East Palestine.  

During her visit to East Palestine, Government Accountability Project’s Environmental Investigator, Lesley Pacy, learned dozens of residents reported suffering from a multitude of horrific health symptoms. Some of these symptoms include seizures, coughing up blood, sudden tooth decay and tooth loss, nausea, and more. These symptoms are not exclusive to the residents of the town as people who temporarily visit the area have also reported similar symptoms. 

Government Accountability Project’s Environmental Investigator, Lesley Pacy, commented: 

“Scientists have raised concerns about the Norfolk Southern’s unconventional dioxin testing methods that were approved by the EPA. Meanwhile, the people of East Palestine continue to suffer from horrific health symptoms that began after the train derailment and controlled burn of vinyl chloride and other chemicals. Residents cannot wait six more months for transparency from the EPA. They need it now. In filing this new FOIA, Government Accountability Project has demonstrated to the EPA that our request deserves expedited processing. When I visited East Palestine in late September, eight months after the derailment, I immediately felt symptomatic, and these families are living, working, and attending school in this environment. It is imperative that EPA treat our request with urgency.” 

Contact: Andrew Harman, Government Accountability Project Communications Director
Email:[email protected]
Phone: 202.926.3304

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