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March 7, 2019

Government Accountability Project Condemns CBP Tracking of Journalists, Attorneys, and Activists

WASHINGTON – NBC News reported yesterday that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been tracking American reporters, attorneys, and activists and has created a list of 59 individuals flagged for questioning by border agents when crossing the U.S.-Mexican border. At least 21 of them have been questioned or arrested according to NBC.   

Government Accountability Project Director of Education and current counsel to two immigration whistleblowers, Dana Gold, said,

Reports that the government have put lawyers, reporters and activists on a watch list is beyond disturbing; it is dangerous. As an organization that represents whistleblowers — employees who disclose serious abuses of public trust, not the least of which include harm to children as one of the most outrageous consequences of the zero-tolerance immigration policy — we at Government Accountability Project take this revelation personally.

Truth matters, now more than ever.  And any efforts made by the government to target and chill attorneys,  journalists and employees —  who are empowered by law to serve truth and justice — cannot be condemned loudly enough. Our government, mandated to protect and defend the Constitution, including free speech and freedom of the press, should embrace the truth, not punish those seeking to reveal it.”

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