December 9, 2021

Government Accountability Rebuts Kurdish Prime Minister’s Libel

A Government Accountability Project investigation, published in the American Prospect revealed Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, was the secret owner of a $18.3 million pharmacy in Miami, Florida through anonymous shell companies.

Rather than addressing the serious allegations, Masrour Barzani accused our investigator of being motivated by having an affair with a Kurdish anti-corruption activist. Our investigator has never met this activist. This is a sexist and libelous attempt to distract from the Prime Minister’s corruption. It is also a dangerous abuse of power, coming from the office of the Prime Minister.

We stand by our report, which is based on public records. Government Accountability Project condemns the attacks on whistleblowers, activists, and journalists in Kurdistan and condemns the financial secrecy of the Kurdish Prime Minister.


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