May 28, 2021

Government Accountability Project Condemns the Senate Defeat of the January 6 Commission 

WASHINGTON—Today, Government Accountability Project watched in disappointment as the vote on the January 6 commission failed in the Senate. Our organization, along with a coalition of advocacy groups, had called for members to stand on the right side of history and support this bipartisan bill.

On January 6 the whole world watched how easily our democracy could be assailed by domestic insurrectionists aided and abetted by a president. It is essential to understand what happened that day in order to make sure nothing like it happens again.

Our Executive Director and CEO Louis Clark commented:

“In times of crisis the strength of our democracy requires elected officials to act in the national interest, not out of self-interest or even parochial political interest. Clearly that did not happen here even though a majority of both chambers of Congress voted for the bipartisan commission. Now it is up to Congress to devise other means to uncover the truth about what happened leading up to and during the siege of the Capitol, the very symbol of our democratic heritage. While we wait for how Congress will forge ahead with its critical inquiry, we are prepared to assist any and all whistleblowers who courageously step forward to share their knowledge and observations about what took place behind the scenes to disrupt what has always been a peaceful transition of power in this country.”

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